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Seed: “-wwoog”

You start in a swamp. There’s a mushroom island (-2788,-3535) and a massive snow biome (-833, -1107).

Village at -480, 640 in a forest.

Also, a Nether Stronghold at -371,70,-40.

”]snow biome minecraft seed
mushroom biome (-2788,-3535)

mushroom island (-2788,-3535)

dash wwoog minecraft seed

minecraft seed: "-wwoog"


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This seed, onedotfuckingeight, starts you out on the between a swamp, a forest and a snow biome. Some nice floating rock formations as well.

I’m still not sure what to expect from the nether ruins but ┬ásome start just steps away from 0,0. Very cool to have some structures to stay safe in and the new mobs are a trip. There’s an mob generator built into the nether fortress near x=-100, y=80, z=158.

The name for this seed is from our first minecraft 1.8 pre seed. It’s totally different now but still a nice seed.

Seed: onedotfuckingeight

Snowy Ravine, 180x416, seed: onedotfuckingeight

Coordinates: 180x416 This was

Frozen River, @75x505, seed: onedotfuckingeight

Coordinates: 75x505

Coordinates: -53x297, seed: onedotfuckingeight

Coordinates: -53x297

coordinates: 20x22, seed: onedotfuckingeight

Coordinates: 20x22

coordinates: 113x208, seed: onedotfuckingeight

Coordinates: 113x208