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Spawn is at x:-44, z:37. Hike with the sun rise on your right and you’ll find a large village atop a small hill. There’s surface lava near the village so it’s easy to build a portal. Nice variety of biomes and a great village to start with make this the current seed on my server.

I found this seed on this reddit post from blvsh.

Best 1.1 seed i’ve found thus far: wackwackwack Spawns you near a beautiful village on a hill



x:17, z:-127

x:17, z:-127

bubble water

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Origin is on desert near swamp and forest biomes. Two little villages are nearby as well as some exotic geography.

Edit: I found a stronghold at: 747, 34, -83

Seed: bubble water

Coordinates: 797 x -325, Seed: "bubble water"

Minecraft Village near Cool Mountain Spires, Coordinates: 797 x -325

Coordinates: 470 x -260, Seed: "bubble water"

Cool Minecraft Geography, Coordinates: 470 x -260

Coordinates: 401 x -361, Seed: "bubble water"

Watch that step, Testcate! Coordinates: 401 x -361

Coordinates: 389 x -412, Seed: "bubble water"

Minecraft Village, Coordinates: 389 x -412

Coordinates: -218 x 419, Seed: "bubble water"

Wild Pumpkin Patch, Coordinates: -218 x 419

Coordinates: -341 x 326, Seed: "bubble water"

Crazy Mountain Spires, Coordinates: -341 x 326