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Dead Calm

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Posted by beschizza on r/minecraftseeds.

As he says:

I hope you like water … and hate trees.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this map has more mushrooms than trees. Spawn was on land at: x:-838, z:720.

seed: Dead Calm

seed: Dead Calm


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My spawn point was at x:-569, z:-111 with no land in sight which kind of makes this a marginal seed for survival island IMHO. At least eh map will let you select an island and get coordinates.

Note the mushroom biome near x:-480, z:1120

This is a pretty famous seed. I’m not sure where I heard about it originally.

Edit: I found the reference to this: ColdChemical posted this as a comment on r/minecraftseeds. Either a joke or a confused post but a great seed in any case!

seed: dovahkiin

seed: dovahkiin