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12w05b vs. 12w06a

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Seed is wackwackwack

Interesting to see how the landscape generator is changing.

Sad to see that the cool hilltop village is gone with the changes.

wackwackwack 1.1 was previously posted here.

minecraft 12w05b seed: wackwackawack

minecraft 12w05b seed: wackwackawack

minecraft 12w06a seed: wackwackawack

minecraft 12w06a seed: wackwackawack

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Dead Calm

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Posted by beschizza on r/minecraftseeds.

As he says:

I hope you like water … and hate trees.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this map has more mushrooms than trees. Spawn was on land at: x:-838, z:720.

seed: Dead Calm

seed: Dead Calm

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My spawn was at x:-227, z:228. aminom posted this seed on reddit/r/minecraftseeds

He says it all:

Seed is: 7407028261324894234 Works in 1.1 This should be a lot of fun for people who like exotic terrain to build upon. You spawn on the bank of a river forest. Go East a small distance to X= 25 Z =275

Red “X’s” mark the strongholds.

seed; 7407028261324894234

seed; 7407028261324894234

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Spawn is at x:-44, z:37. Hike with the sun rise on your right and you’ll find a large village atop a small hill. There’s surface lava near the village so it’s easy to build a portal. Nice variety of biomes and a great village to start with make this the current seed on my server.

I found this seed on this reddit post from blvsh.

Best 1.1 seed i’ve found thus far: wackwackwack Spawns you near a beautiful village on a hill



x:17, z:-127

x:17, z:-127

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My spawn point was at x:-569, z:-111 with no land in sight which kind of makes this a marginal seed for survival island IMHO. At least eh map will let you select an island and get coordinates.

Note the mushroom biome near x:-480, z:1120

This is a pretty famous seed. I’m not sure where I heard about it originally.

Edit: I found the reference to this: ColdChemical posted this as a comment on r/minecraftseeds. Either a joke or a confused post but a great seed in any case!

seed: dovahkiin

seed: dovahkiin

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Suggested by fortyonered on reddit’s r/minecraftseeds.

“Beautiful mountains with overhangs surrounded by forests and hills”

seed: -6870994393286760631

seed: -6870994393286760631

-6870994393286760631 Village

x:286, z:786

-6870994393286760631 Mountains

x:-174, z:290

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Seed: “-wwoog”

You start in a swamp. There’s a mushroom island (-2788,-3535) and a massive snow biome (-833, -1107).

Village at -480, 640 in a forest.

Also, a Nether Stronghold at -371,70,-40.

”]snow biome minecraft seed
mushroom biome (-2788,-3535)

mushroom island (-2788,-3535)

dash wwoog minecraft seed

minecraft seed: "-wwoog"

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Cool combinations of biomes and some amazing mountain structures.

Searched for villages and for strongholds but no joy.

Other nice ravines were at 134 x 332 and -4 x 479

Seed: Icecubes

Coordinates: -236 x -590, Seed: Icecubes

Subterranean Ravine. Coordinates: -236 x -590

Coordinates: 81 x 202, Seed: Icecubes

Crazy floating mountains. Coordinates: 81 x 202

Coordinates: 213 x -62, Seed: Icecubes

Exotic overhangs. Coordinates: 213 x -62

Coordinates: -180 x 33, Seed: Icecubes

Massive valley. Coordinates: -180 x 33

Coordinates: -73 x 150, Seed: Icecubes

Cave carves clear through mountain. Coordinates: -73 x 150

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bubble water

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Origin is on desert near swamp and forest biomes. Two little villages are nearby as well as some exotic geography.

Edit: I found a stronghold at: 747, 34, -83

Seed: bubble water

Coordinates: 797 x -325, Seed: "bubble water"

Minecraft Village near Cool Mountain Spires, Coordinates: 797 x -325

Coordinates: 470 x -260, Seed: "bubble water"

Cool Minecraft Geography, Coordinates: 470 x -260

Coordinates: 401 x -361, Seed: "bubble water"

Watch that step, Testcate! Coordinates: 401 x -361

Coordinates: 389 x -412, Seed: "bubble water"

Minecraft Village, Coordinates: 389 x -412

Coordinates: -218 x 419, Seed: "bubble water"

Wild Pumpkin Patch, Coordinates: -218 x 419

Coordinates: -341 x 326, Seed: "bubble water"

Crazy Mountain Spires, Coordinates: -341 x 326


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