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Cool combinations of biomes and some amazing mountain structures.

Searched for villages and for strongholds but no joy.

Other nice ravines were at 134 x 332 and -4 x 479

Seed: Icecubes

Coordinates: -236 x -590, Seed: Icecubes

Subterranean Ravine. Coordinates: -236 x -590

Coordinates: 81 x 202, Seed: Icecubes

Crazy floating mountains. Coordinates: 81 x 202

Coordinates: 213 x -62, Seed: Icecubes

Exotic overhangs. Coordinates: 213 x -62

Coordinates: -180 x 33, Seed: Icecubes

Massive valley. Coordinates: -180 x 33

Coordinates: -73 x 150, Seed: Icecubes

Cave carves clear through mountain. Coordinates: -73 x 150

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